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Why Aren't Lasers Doing Cool Shit? | Music Videos | Axis of Awesome

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Published on 16 Mar 2018 / In Music

Lasers are incredible in the movies but in reality they're kinda lame. It's 200X guys! Why don't we have laser force fields and stuff yet?

We want to thank our fans who created the backgrounds and special effects for the laser solo part of this music video. The clip includes entries from.
Alex Lowes, Ben Lu, Jason Lam, Marc Lane, Bo Johanson, Daniel Stickland and M1ndless D4rkD0g.

This video is part of our Axis All Areas comedy series and is part of the episode "Why Aren't Lasers Doing Cool Shit?". Click this link to see more videos in this series. http://youtu.be/bx32qapnzk4

The Axis of Awesome are Lee Naimo, Benny Davis and Jordan Raskopoulos
Written and performed by The Axis of Awesome
Series created by The Axis of Awesome
Special thanks to Aunty Donna for being our "enemies" and Veritasium for being "science"
Directed by Bryan Moses
Produced by Bryan Moses and Lee Naimo
Executive Producer Jordan Raskopoulos
Edited by Alex Gabbott
Production Assistants Emma Ross and Hilary Gurtler
Sound Recorded by Dennis Schweitzer
Costumes designed and created by Desirae Hepp

Production Coordinator Leah Appleby
Business Affairs Katherine Shortland
Production Accountant Bronwyn Speziale
Accounts Assist Carol Ramirez
Chief Financial Controller Simon Fraser
Director of Production Toni Malone
Managing Director Nick Murray

Funded through Skip Ahead, a joint initiative between Screen Australia and Google.

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