Vcon 2016 Opening Ceremonies (Extended Version)

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Published on 26 Mar 2018 / In People & Blogs

This is an extended version of the VCon 2016 Opening Ceremonies, compared to the one I posted a few days ago. I found one of our cameras did get Spider Robinson's intro for Robert J. Sawyer and Sawyer's comments.

VCon is a science fiction convention in Vancouver BC, which has been running since 1971 ( This was the opening ceremonies featuring the Guests of Honour , the convention chair R. Graeme Cameron, and the Emcee Spider Robinson.

-Author Guest of Honour: Robert J. Sawyer.
Robert J. Sawyer's home page:
Robert J. Sawyer's Blog:
Robert J. Sawyer's Twitter page:
Robert J. Sawyer's FaceBook page:

-Supermarionation Guest of Honour: Jamie Anderson.
Jamie Anderson's Twitter page:

-Film Design Guest of Honour: Eric Chu.
Eric Chu's home page:
Eric Chu's Twitter Page:

-Godzilla Fan Guest of Honour: Stan Hyde.
Stan Hyde's Facebook page:

-Art Director Guest of Honour: Stephanie Ann Johanson.
Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine: [a][/a]
Stephanie Ann Johanson's Facebook page:
Stephanie Ann Johanson's YouTube page:

-Editor Guest of Honour: Karl Johanson.
Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine: [a][/a]
Karl Johanson's FaceBook page:
Karl Johanson's YouTube page:

E-mcee: Spider Robinson.
Spider Robinson home page:

-Convention Chair: R. Graeme Cameron.
Polar Borealis magazine page:
OBIR magazine page:

As some music was used for karaoke, this video is not monetized.

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