The TRUMP Fight Song [unofficial] - TRUMP 2016

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Published on 21 Mar 2018 / In Film & Animation

Stay motivated and help TRUMP make America great again by sharing the TRUMP FIGHT SONG! [unofficial] TRUMP 2016!
Created by a combat veteran who weeps for America. Stop wasting time and do something for your country!
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Why do they fear Trump?

The Silent Majority speaks:

We're not gonna take it
No, we ain't gonna take it
We're not gonna take it anymore

We've got the right to choose it
There ain't no way we'll lose it
This is our life, this is our song
We'll fight the powers that be just
Don't pick our destiny 'cause
You don't know us, you don't belong


Oh you're so condescending
Your gall is never ending
We don't want nothin', not a thing from you
Your life is trite and jaded
Boring and confiscated
If that's your best, your best won't do

Oh, oh, oh
We're right! yeah!
We're free! yeah!
We'll fight! yeah!
You'll see! yeah!


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