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Published on 26 Mar 2018 / In People & Blogs

:) An opening video for StarCON 2016 event - an every year sci fi convention in Russia.
Best quality https://mega.nz/#!99NRAbrL!0G8....YuzHsUXR-ExMq3BUr1Sw
I made it for a 1 year and 20 days. Pew Pew Pew!
Addition to credits: USS Dedication original design by Chris Madden,
Title name (The War of Friendship) by Clara(rainbow strike).

Hello, I am Andrew and CG is my hobby since 2007. I made this fan animation for sci fi convention StarCON. I wanted to made something similar to Fedcon 2009 opening animation by Tobias Richter.
So, the main idea of this video - alien race on Moya starship finds an antient space station, which can use the power of the sun to create a portal to the past.
They want to use it and transmit all technological advantsments to their race in the past so they will became a dominant species in their galaxy.
But this portal emits large quantity of radiation which is picking up by sensors on multiple starships, on both sides of the portal.
Some bad guys want to use this technology in their advantage. Some good guys understand the danger of temporal incursions and want to destroy the station.
Who will win? Watch to find out.


Fringe Element - Goliath - Nemesis;
Fringe Element - Triton - Greatness Within;
Two Steps From Hell - El Dorado;
Fringe Element - Fire Sky - The Fall;
Fringe Element - Goliath - Titan;
Fringe Element - Fire Sky - Unite Us;
Two Steps From Hell - Empire of Angels.

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