Resistopia - SciFi Survival LARP - 10.-13. September 2015

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Published on 26 Mar 2018 / In People & Blogs

Resistopia is a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) event series, which focuses an alien invasion of planet earth and the battle of the remaining humans against alien conquerors.
On this specific event SCs (player characters) are fighting NSCs (non-player characters) in order to free the human mankind. Airsoft weapons with a maximum energy of 0,5J were allowed as well as normal foam based LARP weapons like fake knives etc.
The SCs were sent on several missions to gain additional survival material as well as new information about the aliens in order to fight them more efficiently. There were also several scenes which demanded a lot of role play skills to succeed. For example, there was a hostage-taking which went wrong because of insufficient diplomatic skills :). In the end humans got a some new alien artifacts to improve their weapons.
The event took place in Mahlwinkel (Germany) a former Soviet military base.
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