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Published on 18 Mar 2018 / In Entertainment

Harold McCoo of the Cable Value Network (CVN) takes a tumble off the ol flex-o-ladder as Karen Connelly looks on in this classic home shopping blooper. Check out his webpage http://haroldmccoo.com/Blooper.html

Here's a comment from the director of this classic moment: A little sentimental journey down CVN way. . .
Yes! My most diabolically cherished moment of all the hundreds of hours I sat in that CVN directors chair. Why the dark fates smiled on me that day, why they so honored me, remains a mystery, but there I was -- lets move into full flashback mode now. . .
The whole sell starts out routinely enough (as we all know, since Im sure that each of us cant even begin to count how many times weve watched this clip over the years) but it soon becomes very clear that his Grand Arrogance is suddenly staring imminent come-uppance right in the face.
Had it been anyone else except that little jerk, the instant he started climbing -- and folks pretty quickly sensed that things just did not feel right -- and then, especially when Karen says Harold, youre scaring me, had it been any other host, I would have gone to tape immediately so the floor could re-group and avoid what was stacking up to be complete catastrophe.
However, this was Harold. . . I wanted everyone to share in this rare and important milestone in Harolds life, and I wanted to allow him the opportunity to show everyone the kind of person he really was. And yes, I do take a certain pride, I must say, in playing no small part in making it possible for Harold McCoo to utter his famous, defiant, and pathetic line, now it's locked in place, and to make this line not only a household catch phrase, but also to provide His Twerpness with a perfect epitaph: HERE LIES HAORLD MCCOO; NOW HES LOCKED IN PLACE.... See More
But I must say, in Harolds defense, and especially since I am such a charitable old softie maybe its just the nun in me trying to bust lose once and for all, I dont know but as Harold writhes and slithers there on the floor and gosh darn if I didnt plumb forget to cut his mic he experiences an epiphany, a sudden realization of where he went wrong, and Ill always remember his contrite, confused, sad little voice: actually, I didnt have it locked. Its hard at first to pick out those words, those weak, tiny syllables especially since Karen is laughing so much but there it is.
Well, thats my story, boys and girls. Now, before we conclude our broadcast day, I will leave you with this thought. . .

Whenever Im down and feeling blue,
I think of Harold McCoo.
See how through the air he flies;
See how on the floor he writhingly lies.

O Harold, is there for you any safe refuge,
My little self-aggrandizing, egomaniacal stooge?
But let me just in these few words condense
Gratitude for all the laughs all at your expense.

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