Going Home - Fallen Soldier Bagpipe Tribute

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Published on 21 Mar 2018 / In Film & Animation

Going Home has become a standard bagpipe song played at funerals, both military and civilian, for years. In fact, as we carried my own grandmum out of the funeral home to the hearse, a piper played it for her. I'm a former soldier, and far too many of the best & brightest young people who have gone in harm's way to protect our freedoms have paid the ultimate price for us. Not just Americans, but our allies, too. Never forget... Also, I picked the nations represented with great care. I was an American soldier, and so I chose Americans. The bagpipes are associated with the UK and their Commonwealth allies, so I picked the Brits, Scots & ANZACs. I have Polish and Canadian ancestry, so I chose to represent Poland and Canada. I served in Germany, and so I chose to represent them as well. So, please stop complaining that your country was left out. I understand and appreciate that many, many other nations have served bravely and have sacrificed their sons & daughters. Go make your own video if it bothers you so much.

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