Farscape - Season 1 - Bizarre Cast Of Characters - Featuring Pilot - Scifi Promo

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Published on 26 Mar 2018 / In People & Blogs

Years ago when Farscape first began, a fellow scaper and myself created a website called "Chorn & Scorpwanna's Farscape Website". Each week Sci-Fi would show the promo trailer for the next episode. I'd watch the Sci-Fi channel for hours until I managed to record the Promos. Then take them, encode them and upload them to our website for everyone to see. To me they were special, fan's would be on the BBoard and IRC chat room talking about the promos and were glad I had captured them so that they could study every frame impatiently awaiting the next episode. While browsing YouTube I came across one of these that I recorded and noticed there was no WGA bs preventing the audio from being heard. So I thought I might just go ahead and upload as many as I could hoping that those few scapers left out in the Uncharted Territories of the internet would happen to randomly find these and bring back those fond memories of our favorite crew.

Scape ON :)

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