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ETERNAL - A Star Wars Fan Film (2017)

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Published on 16 Mar 2018 / In Film & Animation

It is a dark era of war for the galaxy, over 3000 years before the events of Death Stars and Skywalkers. THE ETERNAL EMPIRE crushes both the Jedi and Sith alike in their conquest of the galaxy.
SENYA TIRALL, the weary knight and former wife to the IMMORTAL EMPEROR VALKORION, seeks out traitors on the far edges of space. Far away are her twin sons, ARCANN and THEXAN, leading the conquest, whilst her powerful daughter VAYLIN has been locked up in a distant place…

We're so happy to finally share this with everyone! It's been almost an entire year in production and has been an absolutely incredible journey! We hope everyone enjoys watching it as much as we did making it!

Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2xFYU4p
Made by Screenology Students. http://www.screenology.school
BASIC CAST & CREW: (full version can be found in the credits)

Directed By: Alex Harrison (http://alex-harrison.com)
Written By: Tim Bustin (https://twitter.com/timbustin1)
Director of Photography: Ben Davies
Producers: Sonia Wargacka | Catherine Cable
Associate Producer: Nathalie Perthuisot
Created by: Henry Fuller
Sound Design: Joe Trickey
Music Composer: Robert Lewis (http://www.rplcomposer.co.uk)
1st AD: Zachary Wiegand
Location Manager: Tyler Wilson
Chief Stunt Co-ordinator: Rick Manning
Fight Director: Chrissie Chanel
Stunt Co-ordinators: Tara Lewin | Peter Woodward | Tim Bustin
1st AC: Tyler Cooper | James Johnston
2nd AC: Joss Gibbs | Sara Eriksson
Production Sound: Sam Healey | Olga Czarkwiani | Pete Collier
Costume, Set & Make-up: Alice Ruben
Editors: Sam Taylor | Alex Harrison | Jerry Dobson
Visual Effects: Josh Wibberley | Alex Harrison | Sam Taylor | Tyler Cooper | Harry Banwell | Tyler Wilson | Jerry Dobson

Senya: Chrissie Chanel (http://bit.ly/2yayOZ5)
Arcann & Thexan: Vinnie Clarke (http://bit.ly/2wkGuDv)
Atticus: Aaron Liburd
Vaylin: Tegan Westall (http://bit.ly/2yJOzmK)
Junn-tau: Jahgo Williams
Valkorion: Paul Simcox
Arcann & Thexan (Young): Liam Middleton
Vaylin (Young): Jessica Emily Venn (http://bit.ly/2fC5TFr)

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