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Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope - Pilot

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Published on 21 Mar 2018 / In Film & Animation

EPISODES 2 & 3 https://youtu.be/NH04ys6y2Ko
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-- Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope - Pilot Episode--
SUBSCRIBE! Hope is worth fighting for. In Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, Gohan and Trunks fight against the unstoppable Androids #17 and #18 and try to save as many human lives as possible. The young Trunks must grow up quickly and learn from his mentor, Gohan; but with battles to fight on both the outside and inside, how long can they endure, and where will they find a light of hope? Subscribe, support and share if you want to see more episodes!

This series is an adaptation of “The History of Trunks” TV Special. In this timeline, Goku & the other Z Warriors are dead. This is the story of Gohan & Trunks in their battle to survive against the Androids.

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope is a non-profit, live-action Dragon Ball Z web series. It’s made by fans, & is not affiliated with or endorsed by the official license holders.

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope
Created by Donnie McMillin & Rita McMillin

Robot Underdog
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Directed by Donnie McMillin
Produced by Rita McMillin
Written by Derek Padula: http://thedaoofdragonball.com/

Tyler Tackett as Android 17: http://on.fb.me/1Lyzend
Amy Johnston as Android 18: http://www.amy-johnston.com/
Anton Bex as Gohan: https://www.facebook.com/antonbex
Jack Wald as Trunks: http://imdb.to/1ab8P3q
Ruthann Thompson as Bulma: http://bit.ly/1zcdPJV

Principal Crew
CG Artist/Creative Producer Gregory Hall: http://iamgregoryhall.com
Original Music by Abraham Castaneda: http://bit.ly/1GnV4cg
Action Director: Leo Kei Angelos: http://bit.ly/17qRq56
Cinematographer: Karyn Gabrielsen: http://imdb.to/18g1XkM
Editors: Andres Lopez, Lohan Buson, Donnie McMillin
Action Design by Creative Action Development: http://bit.ly/18h4KKq
Stunt Coordinator: Tim Storms: http://imdb.to/17qRaTQ
Fight Choreography: Lohan Buson: http://www.zteamfilms.com/lohan.html
Wire Team: Chris Yung, Taylor Ingram-Wildman
Stunt Mats provided by Action Factory http://afstunts.com/

Visual Effects: Greg Hall, Lohan Buson, Donnie McMillin
Poster & Storyboards: Taylor Sterling: http://taylorsterling.com/

Executive Producer: Rita McMillin
Producers: Rita McMillin, Donnie McMillin, Lohan Buson
Creative Producers: Donnie McMillin, Gregory Hall, Rita McMillin, Lohan Buson
Co-Executive Producers: Stephen Bot, Anthony Stewart
Assoc. Producers: Shaun Hawksworth, Marshon Thomas

Japanese: Melanie Arayama
Polish: Wojtek Mikoś: http://dbnao.net/
Portuguese: Bruno Vinicius: http://www.dragonball-project.com https://www.facebook.com/DB.Projectt
Spanish: Antonio Sánchez-Migallón Jiménez: http://tinyurl.com/mdeof6u
French: Gokuda003 & Gokuyo http://www.dragonball-ultimate.com
Italian: Vito Lanci http://on.fb.me/19t1Ulc
Voice Cast:
Tim Neff as the Voice of Future Trunks
Aviano Marconi as Narrator
John Mark Triplett as Intercom Voice

The Dao of Dragon Ball: http://thedaoofdragonball.com/
Dragon Ball Insider: http://dragonballinsider.com/
Casa Do Kame - http://on.fb.me/1BikebZ
Dragon Ball Dream - http://on.fb.me/1zplQfn
Dragon Ball Insider - Anthony Putignano & Chance McMurdy http://www.dragonballinsider.com/
Dragon Blog Z - http://www.dragonblogz.com
Geek Outpost - http://www.geekoutpost.com
SdotStormzHD - http://bit.ly/1KJD6GU
Rhymestyle - http://bit.ly/1fiedN4
Thundershot69 - http://bit.ly/1whct4f
Z Team Films - https://www.youtube.com/user/ZTeamFilms
Anime Games Online - http://bit.ly/1DFEvr5
SkizzleAxe - http://bit.ly/1HkWZyK

1st A.D.: Paris Lay
2nd A.D.: Ashley Rosenberg
Production Coordinator: Sam Cubias
1st Assistant Camera: Mike Lemnitzer
2nd Unit 1st Assistant Camera: Heather Fannan
2nd Assistant Camera: Tom Raimondo
Sound Designer: Pete Cruz
Audio Mixer: Patry Thach
Boom Operator: Sary Thach
Makeup Effects: Brian Barnett
Artist & Set Decorator: Percy Isidro
Set Decorator: Charlie Pieper
Grip: Ronny Chea
Grip: David Bornstein
PA: James Miller
PA: Adrea Graun
PA: Kristen Brancaccio
Capsule Corp Scientist: Wesley Marshall
Refugee Leader: Nick Koester
Refugee - Anthony Stewart
Refugee - Shawn Stewart
Refugee - Abraham Castaneda
Refugee - Jessica Para
Refugee - Allison Castaneda
Refugee - Everett Lopez
Refugee - Albert Justus
Refugee - Sam Cubias
Refugee - James Miller

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